Student Services and Leadership Workshops


Student Services are your bridge to life at Seneca. We have the resources and support system to help you succeed during your Seneca career. Explore your options and get involved in the Seneca community. Whether you’re looking for success strategies, want to become a student ambassador, play on a team or be a Seneca Student Federation representative, Student Services has information you need, and the opportunities you want.


King Campus
Room 2100, Garriock Hall
13990 Dufferin Street
416.491.5050 x55048
Markham Campus
Room 180
10 Allstate Parkway
416.491.5050 x77190
Newnham Campus
Room D2000
1750 Finch Avenue East
416.491.5050 x22925
[email protected] Campus
Room 1161
70 The Pond Road
416.491.5050 x33024

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Reference Guide
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Announcing the Student Co-Curricular Record…

A new initiative that recognizes your on campus involvement and participation outside the classroom. Find out more

The Student Development Grant is awarded to students to support learning development outside the classroom…more info

Leadership Development and Training

All student government leaders are required to participate in the Student Life Department's Student Development Program.

We offer several programs to help you with your development in becoming a student leader. Below are some of the leadership programs that we offer:

Leadership Conference
This Conference, for new student leaders, is a major training component of the Development program coordinated by the Student Services Department. This conference will bring together valuable seminars and workshops. Students will have the opportunity to set goals as a strong working team and begin looking ahead to the upcoming semesters. The Conference also provides an excellent chance to meet other student leaders from across Seneca. The conference is usually held between the last week of April and first week of May. Read more.

Seneca Leadership Program ( click here to view the workshop schedule )
The program offers you a wide variety of workshops/events/activities to teach you more about yourself and about best practices in leadership. Seneca Leadership Program workshops/events/activities are developed with you - the learner - in mind and involve new and innovative ways of both teaching and learning. The Seneca Leadership Program allows you to decide what type of leader you would like to become as you gain credits towards various levels of leadership certificates. Learn more...

Club Executives
Do you and your friends want to start your own club? We offer training sessions and assistance for all club executives. Visit the Seneca Student Federation office of your campus for more details.

Throughout the year, the Student Life team works closely with the student government to help plan events for their student body. In order to accomplish this task, there are several retreats taken that include sessions such as: icebreakers, team building, and goal setting tips.

As a student leader, there are several leadership awards that you can apply for. At the end of the winter semester, the student life team organizes a Recognition Banquet for all of our student leaders. At this banquet, all rewards will be distributed. Rewards range from a congratulatory pin to bursaries.

Leadership Development Opportunities at Student Services