Course Assessment Survey

Course Assessment Survey

Seneca wants to know what you think about your courses, and we really want to hear back from you.
Tell us what's good, and tell us what needs improvement. It's your time to be heard, and to make things better — and it only takes five minutes or less per course.

You will be notified of your course surveys through your Blackboard My.Seneca account. Every time you log into your account,
you will have access to a survey module (as shown above) which is located at the top right of the My.Seneca homepage-above Seneca spotlight.

To thank you for participation, students who complete all their surveys will be entered into a random draw. We have added more prizes.
Prizes include: twenty-two $100 gift cards, twenty $50 gift cards to Cadillac Fairview malls and four $50 Apple Store gift cards.
Please respond by November 29th and have a chance to win…

Participants will not be identifiable in any reporting of the results.
Participation or non-participation in the survey will not affect the participant's course grades in any way now, or in the future.