Health and Dental Fall 2014 Opt Out Cheques

The Fall 2014 opt out cheques are now available.

Students who successfully opted out from the dental portion of the plan can now pick up their cheques from the SSF office or Member Services areas at their campus. The deadline to opt out from the dental portion of the plan was October 3rd, 2014. 
Students who chose direct deposit as a method of refund, should be receiving the funds in their accounts in the next few days.

Locations to pick up the cheque at your campus:
King Campus: GH1020 
Markham: M343
Newnham: F1525 (Member Services)
SenecaYork: S2014

Students from the Jane, Yorkgate and Peterborough campus will be receiving the cheques via mail to the address they provided when opting out.

Seneca One Card is required to pick up the cheque.