Accounting Clerk

Job Title: Accounting Clerk
Department: SSF
Location: Newnham Campus only
Position Type: Part-time
Position Overview
As a member of the SSF team, the Accounting Clerk is responsible for helping with day to day clerical work and helping the organization meet its financial reporting requirements.  The Accounting Clerk will work as part of a team under the direction of the Manager, Finance and Administration.
- Accurate and speedy data entry to Excel and QuickBooks
- Review of invoices and highlighting of pertinent data
- Sorting of paper documents and maintenance of paper files
- Assist with mailing out of documents (stuffing envelopes etc.)
- Review of bank statements
- Review / creation of journal entries
- Assist with bank reconciliation
- Provide support and assistance to other Accounting Clerks in the SSF
- Perform related duties as directed by the Manager, Finance and Administration
Minimum Requirements:
- Advanced knowledge and comfort with Excel functions such as Filters, Vlookup, Hlookup, Subtotals, Sumifs
- Accurate and speedy data entry skills
- Must be currently enrolled in an accounting program at Seneca College
- You must be studying in either the Summer 2019 Semester (May to Aug of 2019) or studying in the Fall 2019 Semester (Sep to Dec of 2019)
- Time commitment - 5 to 12 hours per week (depending on scheduling)
- Basic computer skills (copy and paste files, finding files on a computer, etc.)
- Good math skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions and decimals)
- Basic logical thinking and good attention to detail
- Knowledge of basic office procedures such as sorting and filing 
- Use of office equipment such as printer, photo copier and scanner
- Good knowledge of accounting terminology (debit, credit, balance, entry, etc.)
- Knowledge of how to make journal entries
- Familiarity with various documents including: Invoices, Cheques, Deposits, Bank Statements 
- Ability and willingness to be without your personal cell phone or other similar device for 2 hours at a time
Other Knowledge Skills and Abilities 
Professional experience with 
- Excel
- QuickBooks or other integrated accounting software (Sage) etc.
- Full cycle of accounting
- Journal entries, A/P, Deposits
- Experience in working with bank statements and Bank Reconciliations 
To apply for this Job, please follow these instructions carefully:
Please bring your resume and attach
a) your current timetable if you are enrolled in the summer semester or a
b) letter stating that you will be studying in Sep of 2019
Bring these documents in person to the offices of the SSF at the Newnham campus to the attention of Nick Pavlakos. Please Do not email material.
At the top of your resume: 
- State that you are applying to the Accounting Clerk position.
- State the name and code of your program of study
- Tell us how many semesters your program includes (How many semesters long in total is your program)
- Indicate which semester you have completed up until now
- Indicate your planned graduation Date (year and month)
Your resume should provide details of your knowledge and experience as it pertains to this position and the minimum requirements.
The deadline for applications is Thursday May 16, 2019 at 4pm.  No applications received after this deadline will be considered.
We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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