The mandate of the SSF Inc. is "to provide services & activities that benefit and meet the needs of Seneca students in a fiscally responsible manner within a learning environment". It is the goal of every Student Council (there are Councils at King, Markham, Newnham and [email protected]) to offer a wide variety of programs and services to students and to represent the needs and concerns of students to the College's administration.


Made up of elected Student Council representatives who serve a one-year term of office, positions on each of the four Councils include: Full time President who oversees the operations at all campuses, Vice President; Coordinator, Programming & Promotions; Coordinator, Clubs & Associations and Coordinator, International Students.


Another key role of each local Council is the administration and equitable expenditure of the Student Activity Fee. All students pay an activity fee administered by the student government. The activity fee covers the cost of programming, services and administrative costs of the Councils. Each Council is required to provide programs and services that are most needed at their respective campus. Focusing on cultural, educational, social and more, programs are run to include as many students as possible with as many interests as possible. It's up to you to make sure your Council hears from you and what your needs and interests are.


Student leaders are also trained to serve as advocates on behalf of Seneca's student body. By participating in workshops facilitated by the Student Services, Student Federation and the Student Conduct Office department, student leaders learn to resolve conflicts through interest-based methods of negotiation. Student Council members are available to advise you on College policies and procedures and provide guidance on how to resolve both individual and group issues.